Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida
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Monday, July 13th, 2020

Connect and Serve: Serving in Our Church

worshipWe have many opportunities for service within our congregation. People serve by operating video, cleaning bathrooms, singing on the worship team, working in the nursery, organizing events, following up on visitors, caring for the church grounds, or greeting people on Sunday morning. Every church has significant work to be done to help its members, educate its children, and ensure excellent worship and fellowship.

In order to help people understand where they "fit," we encourage discovering and understanding the spiritual gifts that God gives you. We have gift discovery tools that aid in helping you discover your gifts. We offer advice about areas where you might be most useful and satisfied. We also encourage "trying" ministries and we don't lock you in to ministries where you do not wish to serve or are not suited for. See Pastor Trevor to talk about areas of service.

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Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida