Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida
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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Connect and Serve: Serving the US & Beyond

ARP SealMorning Star is a member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is an evangelical Christian denomination begun in 1782 in Philadelphia. ARP churches have been faithfully preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 225 years. (For more on ARP history see The ARP Church is presently made up of 290 congregations in the United States and Canada.

Here are the ARP ministries that we support through our contributions:

Bonclarken Bonclarken Conference Center - Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Flat Rock, NC, the conference center provides opportunities for Christian worship, education, recreation, and fellowship.
Erskine College Erskine College and Erskine Seminary - These are institutions of higher learning located in Due West, South Carolina.
 Christian Education Ministries Christian Education Ministries - This agency nurtures Christian discipleship based upon a reformed understanding of Scripture with a continuing challenge to develop a biblical world and life view.
 Outreach North America Outreach North America - An agency responsible for strategies for evangelism, multi-cultural ministries, church vitality, new church development, and church expansion in the US and Canada.
 World Witness World Witness - The board of foreign missions. Missionaries serve in Germany, Israel, Mexico, Pakistan, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales, and the Persian World as well as to internationals in the U.S.

Church Planting: Rev. Brooks and Amanda Pipher - Florida’s Palm Beach and Broward counties, if combined, would have a greater population than 20 US states. Brooks and Amanda are exploring cities and neighborhoods in both counties with the goal of beginning a new church planting work to the glory of God.

Morning Star also supports:

london mosque A mission organization that shares the good news about Christ to Muslims in Great Britain.

HIS MAJESTY'S MINISTRIESWe tell the story of Jesus through original musical dramas. Our uniqueness is in using members of your church to be part of our cast! We send music and scripts in advance then over one weekend, we rehearse with your group and present a full production at your church!

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