Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida
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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Your Children

baby001If you have young children

Our worship is for all people. From the youngest to the oldest, families and singles, everyone is included in our worship and called to lift their voices to God. Children of all ages are welcome in the service. We love to have children participating with the whole church in worship – even if they are a bit squirmy! However, should parents want assistance with their young children, we have a nursery available with nursery volunteers. Please do not hesitate to ask! We’re ready to serve you and your children in any way we can. 

Children and their Christian education

We believe God ordained the family to be the first and most ordinary way that His truth is passed to the next generation. . We can provide both training and resources for you to lead your family in the study of the Bible, catechism training, or family devotions. Just speak to the pastor or one of the elders.

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Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida