Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida
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Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


Morning Star Church is a growing evangelical church in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida. We are a small congregation with caring people, quality contemporary worship, and engaging Christ-centered preaching. We value worshiping God, living God's Word, strong family units, supporting each other in the church, and serving others outside our church. We enjoy laughter. Our people are warm and easy going.


Our name comes from Revelation 22:16 where Jesus said, "I am the bright morning star." The morning star is the last star that you see in the sky before dawn. Our church wants to share how Jesus can give people the dawn of a new day in their lives. We are a testimony to that. And Christ is also the morning star that points to a new heaven and earth - an eternal future beyond this life where we will enjoy God and His people forever.

 morning star


  • Worship:  10am - 11:30am
  • Fellowship & Refreshments:  11:30am

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Morning Star Church of Vero Beach, Florida